Reduced Mobility People


Infrastructures for reduced mobility


Abruzzo Airport has infrastructures for reduced mobility.
This is the list:

• Lifts for vertical movements
• Toilettes disable
• Parkings next to the air terminal
• Special ramp equipements to make boarding and disambarking passengers with reduced mobility from the aircraft easier
• PRM Calling points
(this service gives the oppurtunity to the Passenger with Reduced Mobility to contact directly the Handling agents)

To guarantee the appropriate assistance for your need in the shorter time, please notify your specific needs to the airline, when booking and at least 48 hours before departure.


Besides, in oder to inform passengers regarding a legenda of PRM IATA codes.


PRM IATA codes legenda

WCHR ( WHEEL CHAIR RAMP). Passenger who is able to walk without any help inside the cabin, go up and down the aircraft steps but needs a wheel chair from the terminal to the aircraft off rom the aircraft to the terminal.

WCHS (WHEEL CHAIR STAIR). A passenger who can move without any help inside the cabin but cannot go up and down the aircraft steps ,so he needs a wheel chair and ambulift with a qualified staff escorting him/her from the terminal to the aircraft or from the aircraft to terminal.

WCHC  (WHEEL CHAIR COMPLETELY). A passenger who is not indipendent but needs wheel chair ,ambulift and escorting qualified staff during boarding and disembarking operations but also to go out of the terminal building.

DEAF. A passenger with hearing impairment or speech and hearing impairment.

BLIND. A passenger with visual impairment.

DPNA.  A passenger with intellectual or behavioral problems.



Disabled parking:
at Abruzzo Airportthere are 8 parking All parking stands are located near the pedestrians way out or the lift. Users should however display their disabled sign.


Abruzzo airport has parking availability for reduced mobility passengers.
The disabled parking is located in front of departure and arrival areas and it’s marked by yellow stripes. The disabled parking sticker must be visible from outside the car. The reduced mobility passengers are exempted from the parking fee payment showing the disabled sticker and the parking ticket to S.A.G.A ticket desk.



PRM Calling points:
one is located outside the terminal entrance near the bar and the other inside the terminal building near the security gate. In case of anomaly of calling points it is possible to use an emergency telephone number that is : 085-43242321.




when a P.R.M.  shows-up at check-in counter he must adhere to following rules:

1) Show up at the time published  by Airline Carrier or agency.tour operator or handling agent. In any case, Regulation 1107/2006 establish that any passenger must go at check-in desk at least two hours prior aircraft departure.


List of P.R.M. services and equipment at Abruzzo Airport:
two ambluifts and 10 wheel chairs.




For more information on the rights of passengers with reduced mobility, please see  ENAC web site. 


Abruzzo Airport offers assistance to disabled passengers for check in and boarding.
Passengers have to specify their disability at the moment of reservation.

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